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  1. Janis Hathaway / May 24 2010

    Love the Crab Cracker and look forward to each edition!

  2. Coleen Allen / Jun 2 2011

    Just want to thank the Crab Craker for putting my art on the cover. I have enjoyed the veriety of information that is put into each and every edition. You have a very creative staff .

  3. Doris Platis / Jun 19 2011

    Kudos to Jim and Maylinda, and the boys. The Crab Cracker is a wonderful grass-roots, family-owned and operated, local business. How many hours must this family volunteer to produce this free asset to the community? It is mind-boggling to think this creativity is a gift to us all.

    As a business person devoted to promoting the local arts community, I congratulate Jim for his continued service. I encourage every business-owner to put their adverting dollars behind this local asset. Where would we go for all our info if the Crab Cracker did not exist? Its indispensable.!!! Doris at Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island

  4. Walter and CHrista Barke / Aug 31 2011

    Love your little publication! It is so helpful as already mentioned above.
    We never knew before what all is going on on the island. Just hope that you will keep it going and THANKS.

  5. Shirley Murphy / Sep 1 2011

    We are new to this area and absolutely love your publication. It is helping us to learn about local events and businesses! thanks…

  6. jim / Oct 5 2011

    Our goal is the Thursday night prior to the new date. This next issue will be on this Thursday evening right around 11pm (working around our real jobs). :)

  7. Dusty Hutchins-McNutt / Nov 18 2011

    Jim & Malynda,

    What a beautiful cover, you did an amazing job!! I can’t thank you enough!!

    Dusty Hutchins-McNutt

  8. Eric and Michelle Rowe / Feb 4 2012

    As long time camano island resident we just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for your publication. Does not only keep the community connected but it also we believe vital to our community here on camano island. It is a great resource to let everyone know the services that are available on the island the most people most likely would not know is here and its a great resources for events and community interaction. thanks again for bringing such a wonderful publication to the island it is greatly appreciated by us as well as our wonderful friends that we have here as well and new ones that we have found and networked with from your publication. Keep up the great work, stories and resources.
    Eric and Michelle Rowe

  9. Sharon S / Apr 7 2012

    Wow! What a nice surprise to see a quilt I quilted on the cover of the Crab Cracker. It is Carrol McVay’s quilt & lovely applique. Thank you, you made my day.

  10. Annette Wilkins / Jun 23 2012

    Whenever I am in Stanwood (I live Bellingham) I look for your publication but since November I have been laid up with cancer and have not been able to get there so i am VERY glad I can read it on my computer — I look forward to getting a copy of the real thing sometime this fall. It is WONDERFUL!

  11. jim / Jun 23 2012

    Thank you and we hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. Ann Peterson / Jul 13 2012

    Hi! Love the Crab Cracker and look forward to each new edition.
    Question: our daughter ran in the Crab Dash, and we noticed that somebody was taking photos of each participant as they crossed the finish line. Being a scrapbooker, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of that photo. Thanks!

  13. Frankie / Jul 14 2012

    Eagle-naming contest.
    I think the Eagle should be named Kojack. After all, it is bald.

  14. jim / Jul 18 2012

    Not sure who it was but you can contact Laura Randell at the Camano Center and she will have that information. Thanks!

  15. Jo Anne Burklund / Jul 30 2012

    A big thank you to James Shipley for photographing my rocks for Artists of the Week for July 27th. A real surprise. Karen’s Kitchen is a great place to buy gifts and “painted rocks”. I should be so lucky!

  16. Karen Siebrass / Aug 27 2012

    I have detailed information about this community event that we would like to post on your calendar. Please let me know how I can go about adding this event.
    Thank you,

  17. jim / Aug 28 2012
  18. M Mal / Oct 7 2012

    Thank you so much for this publication! I live in Seattle but my family is in Stanwood/Camano. This is such a great way to find out what we can do over the weekend when I visit.

  19. Rubitha / Oct 9 2012

    CrabCrackers Thank you so much for choosing my Cocoa sipping season pic! :D Issue 77. I really enjoyed seeing that!! Memory I will never forget!

  20. Stacey Birk / Oct 15 2012

    I love your publication and usually look forward to each new edition. However, I was extremely dismayed when I leafed through the Oct. 5-18 Crab Cracker. The advertisements for the Unclad exhibit on pages 22 and 40, as well as the spa advertisement on page 10, are not appropriate for a family publication. My very young son loves to look through the “crab book,” as he calls it. From now on, if I pick it up at all, I’ll be screening it carefully before letting my children see it. I’m disappointed, Crab Cracker.

    -stacey birk

  21. Mike Tatham / Jan 24 2013

    I want to tell you about a special event at Warm Beach Senior Community in case you would like to come get some news for a story. There will be a Valentines themed concert on Wednesday, Feb 13 at 12:30 p.m. featuring the Lakewood High School Swingbeat Jazz Choir. The school will also send along a team of ten hospitality students to greet guests at the door and to interview specially selected “Sweetheart couples” about their lives together. The ten students also are responsible for the theme, “Happy Together”, along with printed programs and decorations of cut out paper dolls which will also be used at a banquet for shut in Sweethearts the next day. The students will be arriving to make preparations for the concert by about 11:45 a.m., which would be a good time to interview students and residents before things get rolling. Please let me know if you would like any more information.

  22. Jeff Rhone / Mar 8 2013

    Hello, I saw in issue 87 for March 1-14, 2013 that the Late Start Fitness with Coach Joe that started March 6th was listed as being at Utsalady Elementary, but it is actually being held at Cedarhome Elementary this month. We rotate schools every four weeks. If there are any questions please call 629-8043. Thanks!


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